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Decorative & Privacy Film

If elevating the look of your home or office is your goal with window film, decorative and privacy window films are the way to go! We have many different types available, so you can choose how much of the glass is frosted when seeking privacy film, or choose from a variety of patterns if you’re looking for decorative film.

Decorative & Privacy Film Features:

  • Privacy film will allow you to see movement behind glass without seeing full details, making it an ideal choice for minimizing visual distractions in an office
  • Though privacy film will obscure objects behind the glass, it will still let in light
  • Decorative films come in an endless variety of textures and shades
  • Decorative window film is an affordable way to make a statement with your home or office
Interested in seeing how decorative film will look on your home’s windows? Use the window film viewer to see an example.

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film provides a way to provide both decoration and privacy to your home or office space. Contact our staff to see examples of the different frosted window film options we offer so you can find the one that best matches your space.

Gradient Window Film

Make a smooth transition from completely transparent glass to shaded glass with gradient window film. These make any space look sophisticated without completely obscuring the view out the window.

Patterned Window Film

Add decorative flair to your home or office with a patterned window film! Our pattern options include combinations of matte texture, translucent opacity, shiny or matte finish to match the decor style of the rest of your building.

Textured Window Film

Textures on window film can provide the perfect combination of privacy and decor in your office environment. You can choose from crystal, crackled, brushed, and satin textures that will catch the light and turn your windows into artwork.

Specialty Window Film

If none of our standard decorative window film options match exactly what you need, you can create a specialty window film with the exact colors, textures, and opacity you’re looking for! Custom window film can be placed on shower doors, windows, sliding doors, and more.

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