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Q. Does window film affect my view?

A. No. The film enhances your view without impairing it. Based on the film you select, it may be impossible to tell visually that the film was ever installed.

Q. Does window film really control the heat coming through my window?

A. Based on the film chosen, a properly selected film offers tremendous heat reduction properties. You can still maintain your beautiful view while creating a room that is significantly cooler and more comfortable.

Q. Can window film help my fading problem?

A. While no product can completely stop fading, our films block out 99% of the damaging UV rays from the sun. There are other contributing factors that lead to fading, and with the correct film, your problems with fading can be drastically reduced.

Q. How do I clean the windows?

A. After the film is adhered, a soft cloth or squeegee used in conjunction with mild soap cleaner or a foam cleaner is recommended. Avoid use of abrasive materials and harsh chemicals.

Q. Will the film break my glass?

A. With a properly selected film, your windows are safe. All installers follow factory recommendations on film-to-glass. When this is done, the likelihood of breakage is minimal. The film manufacturer provides a 2-5 year warranty against breakage. An extended warranty to match your glass manufacturer’s warranty is available.

Q. What is the warranty?

A. There is a lifetime warranty on residential film installations and 10 - 15-year warranty on commercial film installations.

Q. I have low-E windows. Do I need window film?

A. Yes. Low-E windows do not provide enough protection from UV rays or heat gain. They are designed to keep heat in during the winter. By adding film, your windows will perform better.

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