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Protective Film

Take the next step in protecting your home or business from a break-in by installing safety and security window film in your building. From shatter protection to increased window strength, these film options will help you sleep a little sounder at night knowing your family and belongings are well protected.

Security Window Film Facts:

  • Up to 64% of burglaries happen with the intruder gaining accessing into buildings through a smashed exterior window
  • Having safety film applied can make windows up to 40 times stronger
  • If your window is shattered while it has safety film applied, the window will remain intact, and you and your loved ones won’t hurt themselves on glass shards

Solar Safety and Security Film

Protecting your building from both criminals and UV rays doesn’t have to negatively affect its appearance. Our solar safety and security film options serve the purpose of strengthening the glass while also keeping harmful UV rays out of your interiors.

Clear Safety and Security Films

You can add strength and safety features to your windows with film that won’t broadcast your concerns to the whole neighborhood. Clear safety window films provide a powerful protection barrier without a change in window color and texture.
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Iowa Sun Control

Iowa Sun Control provides residential and commercial window tinting to keep your home or business cool and safe from harmful sun rays.

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