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Invest in Solar Control Window Film this Summer

by Iowa Sun Control | Published June 12, 2019

As we make our way into the summer months and brace for the heatwave each Iowa summer brings, it’s important to think about how to reduce sun glare and excess solar heat from entering our homes (and businesses). Not only can this help reduce your energy bills, it can protect furniture and paint from fading. Before the season heats up, let’s talk about how investing in solar control window film now can mean energy savings and more comfort in the future.

Reduce Ultraviolet Light in the Home

Some exposure to the sun is good. When our skin comes in contact with the ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun in safe amounts, our bodies create vitamin D and serotonin. However, in large amounts, those same UV rays is linked to several health problems, including  While Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is linked to several health issues, including skin cancer and eye damage, not-to-mention premature aging. By installing solar control film, you can reduce the amount of UV light by up to 99% in your home.

Protect Furniture from Fading

brown leather sofa with light shining in from a window

Harmful UV rays from the sun can do more than harm living beings—furniture, art, wood, and paint experience harmful effects as well. You may not notice the fading taking place, since it happens gradually and we don’t notice slight differences in our homes, since we’re there each day. All it takes is a photo of your home from the past to remind you of what color that sofa used to be to notice the difference. Because solar control films can block up to 99% of those UV rays from even entering your home, that means they can reduce the fading effect from UV light. The furniture, art, paint, and wood in your home will thank you. Okay, they can’t thank you, but you will be protecting your investments.

Minimize Sun Glare

A home or office with plenty of windows letting in natural light is always inviting, but there are certain times throughout the day when you have to close the blinds, blocking the view. When it comes to your home, protecting the glare can mean turning your home into a more comfortable environment. If we’re talking office space, people are much more productive in a comfortable environment. No one likes to be blinded by the sun while trying to work. In fact, a study by the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell determined that there was an 84% decrease in eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches with employees seated within 10 feet from a window with controlled natural light. This means windows with blinds, shades, or window film. One of these things doesn’t block the view!

Mitigate Solar Heat

Depending on which direction your windows are facing, you may notice that some rooms in your home are often warmer or cooler than others during the same time of day. You may have even noticed that there are hot and cold spots in one room. Solar control films address this problem by rejecting up to 77% of the heat from the sun in the hot summer months. This reduces those pesky hot and cold spots and leaves you with a more consistent temperature throughout the home.

What Homes Need Window Film?

Most homes could benefit from installing solar control window film, but the reasons may differ, depending on the home’s location and surroundings.

Homes in Established Areas

When your home is in an established community or on a big plot of land, it often comes with beautiful views. It’s nice to be able to look at nature from the comfort of your home and waking up to the sound of birds in the big trees in your neighborhood isn’t a bad way to wake up. However, when the glare and heat from the sun is too much to bear, curtains or blinds get closed and that view you love is blocked. With solar control film, you can reduce that glare without blocking your view.

Homes in New Housing Developments

Plenty of people gravitate to brand new homes in housing developments, thanks to the updated features and amenities in the house. While a brand new house is great, these new housing developments are usually lacking something pretty important: trees. Without mature trees in your yard, your neighbor’s yard, and lining the street, you’ll find that your electric bill in the hot summer months is higher than you’d expect. That lack of shade also leads to sun glare in your home. Solar control film can address both problems at once by blocking glare and reducing solar heat.

Solar Control Film in Iowa

Making the decision to have solar control film installed in your home or office is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Our interactive window film viewer helps you take a look at what new window film could look like once installed. We can also bring samples to you so you can see how they’ll look in your space. Contact us today to learn more

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